Meet the Band Members...

Johnny Guitar

Just one look at Clifford "Johnny Guitar" Scrivens and you will know that he is a man of the Blues. From his cowboy styled hat to his fancy shoes or cowboy boots, and the vest and long key chain he always wears, plus the ever-present guitar slung across his shoulder, "Johnny Guitar" walks the walk and talks the talk of a longtime journeyman Blues artist. Born and raised in West Central Florida, he established himself as a Bluesman early in his life. By the time he was 13 years old, Johnny had played every venue available to him around his home in Brooksville. He brought his act to Tampa, and built a reputation as a solid bluesman and entertainer. He loves to sing and play the guitar.

Skofield Plays the Keyboards

Skofield is a big guy with an even bigger talent. He makes the keyboards sing, sometimes brings his trombone, or even his flute to play along. An excerpt from his biography: "Alexander 'The Mediocre' Skofield, born and raised here in Florida, first ventured into music as a high-school trombone player. Despite intense training at several reknowned music schools including the music school at Lousiana Polytechnic Institute and Saint Petersburg College under the tuteledge of Dr. Dave Manson, Skofield never amounted to much as a trombonist. He was, however, able to find a nitch for himself as a trombonist in the Air Force Band." Skofield began playing keyboards when his hearing made it difficult to continue playing trombone.

The Velvet Hammer

Beth the Velvet Hammer began playing accordion when she was five. In fact, she played her accordion at a fund raiser for President John F. Kennedy as a youngster, and got to meet him at the time. Beth worked in broadcasting, radio then television, and has the distinction of having interviewed 4 U.S. presidents. Bass and blues are what she loves now. She met Skofield and Johnny through their mutual work with the late blues icon James Peterson. Beth also does a blues radio show on WSLR Community Radio, produces music videos, designs websites, publishes CD's for musicians and writes music.


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